Kick The Buddy

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Kick The Buddy is an addictive action game where you can relieve stress, this game allows you to upgrade weapons and attack Buddy in different ways.

About Kick The Buddy

The buddy will be hung in one place and you can attack it freely. In addition, the game also has different weapons, you need to upgrade to be able to create greater damage. What are you waiting for without playing this game to release the stress after a stressful working day?

Some information

This is a simple action game developed by Playgendary. This game will let you relax by attacking a buddy. This buddy will hang in the screen holder and you can do anything with it. You can hit the vegetarian with your hands, you can use a knife and throw it at the buddy, and you will even use a gun to attack it. The game sounds pretty violent and gore, but it really isn't. In the old version of this game, the buddy will bleed, but this image is not suitable for children so the game has removed this image. Buddy has the ability to be immortal, it can instantly heal from attacks. So, players can comfortably attack their buddy without being annoyed by the violent image.

The puppet is sewn with brown burlap. Its eyes are black buttons. Its mouth is embroidered with black thread that always smiles even when it faces your attacks. This puppet will neither react nor bleed to your attacks.

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Buy accessories for your buddy

Besides buying some weapons to attack the puppet, you can also buy accessories for it. This game has four different types of accessories: hats, glasses, headsets, and belts. The hat is the cheapest accessory, it only costs four thousand coins. Although it is cheap, this is the most suitable accessory for the puppet. his accessory will help the puppet cover its bald head. Another type of accessory is a belt and which costs thousands of coins, this accessory helps Buddy look like a spy. Next is eyeglasses, this accessory costs ten thousand coins. The last type of accessory is the headset, it costs fifteen thousand coins. You can buy an accessory that you like or you can buy all of them. However, each time you play, you can only use one type of accessory, but you cannot combine these types of accessories together.

Why does this game help you release stress?

The best way to let go of anger is to get a little angry at something. So, Kick The Buddy does this by allowing you to get a little angry at the puppet. This puppet will stay in place and you can hit it continuously. This puppet will be teleported according to your attacks, and it will also quickly return to its original position when you attack. This puppet will never be destroyed, so you can beat it until you get angry. In addition, you can attack this puppet with a variety of weapons, here are some of the game's weapons.

All Kick The Buddy weapons

The basic weapon

This game has six main weapons which are knives, guns, and tanks. These weapons will deal different damage. The base weapon of this game is abundant, this is the default weapon of the game, and you will get it at the start of the game. Since it is a knife you need to click and screen to charge the knife and stick it in the buddy. This knife will stick into the buddy's body and disappear after five seconds, you can continuously insert these knives into the puppet's body.

For every knife you insert into the buddy, you will earn four coins. This is the only weapon that doesn't have auto-aim mode, so this weapon will help you feel the most satisfied when attacking a buddy. Why do I say that, because this weapon will allow you to attack the liar continuously and it also saves the tracks of the buddy. There are many people who don't like knife attacks, the game has also created some guns for you. You need to earn money to be able to buy these guns. As such, you need to master knife attack skills before you can use these guns.

Attack by the guns

This game has two types of guns, and all of these guns have auto-aim ability. Both guns have the same control, the only difference between the guns is the price of the gun and the amount of progress you earn after each buddy attack. To control these guns, you use your hands or use the mouse and click continuously on the screen. At this time the guns will be activated and shoot at the buddy. You can also attack continuously by holding the mouse, the gun will shoot continuously at your buddy's body.

The first type of gun is a shotgun, you need to spend three thousand coins to be able to buy this gun. Each shot that hits your buddy will earn you two coins. Although this gun does not bring much profit by using knives, it has the ability to auto-aim. Every time you activate the auto-aim, the gun will fire automatically. can use the gun and use the knife at the same time, so you will earn the maximum profit. The second gun is the Aka gun, you will spend six thousand coins to buy it. This is probably the most profitable gun as it will earn you fifteen coins for each attack. With a cheap price and great profit, this is probably the most worth buying a gun in this game.

Use the rocket

Next, this is the rocket, these two rockets both bring the same profit of ten coins per attack but have different prices. The first rocket costs one thousand eight hundred coins, and like the guns, it has auto-aim capabilities. This rocket has a faster firing rate than the guns so it will give the same profit as the aka gun. The remaining rocket costs sixty thousand coins, and the profit it brings is not much, so you need to consider this when buying. Regarding auto-aim mode, you can activate this mode on three weapons at the same time and this mode will last for two minutes.

Buy the tank

The final weapon of this game is the tank, this weapon costs up to five hundred thousand coins. This weapon was born to stimulate the conquest of players because its power is not much but the price is high. You have to attack the buddy for a long time to be able to buy this weapon. If your goal is to relieve stress, then you don't need to try to buy this gas. The price of this weapon is expensive, but it feels like using guns. You choose the weapon you like and have moments of real entertainment in this game. After introducing the weapons, here is how to play this game.

Take your anger out on your puppet

About gameplay

This game will not be divided into different levels, it only has one puppet in the middle of the screen. Since this is a purely entertaining game, you don't have to worry about solving difficult puzzles. You just need to relieve stress by attacking the puppet on the screen. If you use a computer, you will control with the mouse, you move the mouse to the position of the puppet on the screen, then left-click to attack the puppet. If you play with your phone or tablet, you can use your hand and attack the puppet directly on the screen.

Some tips when playing this game

You should use knives to have the most entertaining moments when playing this game. You click repeatedly on the screen to pin the knife full of the puppet. You click repeatedly on the screen to do as much damage as you can.

After earning money from attacking puppets with knives, you can buy other weapons to attack. The use of guns and guns is also quite difficult because the price and profit they bring will be different. But I think you should buy the Aka gun because this is a cheap gun that the profits it brings are the biggest.

This game allows you to activate the auto-aim of 3 weapons (gun and rocket) at the same time so you can combine 3 weapons at the same time. While 3 types of weapons attack the puppet, the puppet will move, this is also a way to increase the difficulty of the game. I'm sure it's easier to attack a stationary puppet than it is to attack a moving puppet. So, you enable auto-aim for the weapon, then use the knife and attack the puppet.

There is a note before you play this game that this is a rather violent game. Although it has removed the gore images when you attack the puppets, it is still a violent game. You need to consider before playing this game.

Kick The Buddy Forever

Advances in graphic design

Kick The Buddy Forever is a game in the series of games related to the Buddy character, this game retains the gameplay of the original game but it has some advances in graphics and weapons. The improvement of this game is most evident in the graphics when the doll of this game is dressed in a new layer of clothes. In the original game, the doll was pretty boring as it was sewn out of canvas and hung in the middle of the room. Since this surface doll is made of cloth it also will not bleed so attacking the doll becomes less of an accomplishment. However, in this game, the doll is made of wood and also has a more eye-catching appearance when it is dressed in a blue shirt. It always had a teasing smile on its lips whether it was attacked or not. Each of your attacks will not deal too much damage to this liar but when you accumulate multiple hits it will create a big effect. With each hit, this doll will lose a little health, and when losing a third of the health tree, the doll will appear bruised. Until two-thirds of the blood tree is lost, some parts of the doll's body will be separated. Until the health bar is completely exhausted, this doll will be completely broken and that's when the journey of torturing a doll ends. After completely destroying a doll, you will get a hundred coins like the original game, after which you can continue to torture another doll.

Improvement in weapons

Another improvement is shown on the weapon, in the original game, you are presented with a number of different weapons and you also know about the shape of that weapon before you buy it. However, this game has limited the amount of weapons that you can buy, you can buy up to 10 types of weapons. One more special thing is that you can only equip weapons before you start torturing your buddy, you cannot change weapons during torture. This means that you can only use one gun during the torture of Buddy, but don't worry because the weapons in this game are also very powerful. An example of a gun worth buying in this game is the Pistol gun, this gun costs only 250 coins but the value it brings is huge. This gun has automatic fire, which means you just need to set up this weapon before starting the torture process and this gun will automatically locate Buddy and attack it. However, this gun attacks quite slowly, you can also upgrade to the Uzri gun for 600 coins, this gun has the ability to shoot bullets quickly to help you quickly destroy the Buddy. A special thing is that you can also combine shooting and hitting the buddy with your hand to kill Buddy and earn more money. There are countless other games with similar genres now available on the Kick The Buddy website, do not miss it.