Voodoo Doll

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The origin of Voodoo

Voodoo Doll is a purely entertaining game that allows you to vent your anger on a voodoo doll named Voodoo. Let's release your stress by playing this game.

Voodoo is a doll that is used to cast spells and curses. This doll comes from European countries and its purpose of existence is not good. Many documents record that this doll was made of cloth and shaped like a human, the Charmer would pierce the doll with needles and harm others. Inspired by this doll JulGames created a game called Voodoo Doll with a better purpose. This game has the same gameplay as Kick The Buddy and you can have fun by attacking this doll. The embodiment of this doll has become better when it helps people relieve stress. If you have a tiring day at work, don't hesitate to join this game and vent all your frustrations on Voodoo.

How to kill the Voodoo

This game has fairly simple gameplay where you will use different tools and attack the doll. This doll will appear in the witch's room with potions and amulets. You use the mouse and click on the doll and make its health drop. When this doll's health tree hits zero, it will die and give you 100 coins. Now you will have to destroy the doll in other rooms, do not be shy when attacking these dolls, because its existence is a mistake. A lot of people have been harmed by this doll charm so when you destroy this doll you are saving a lot of people.

The appearance of a special weapon

You can attack this doll in many different ways, the easiest way is to use needles. You insert needles into the doll's body by using the needle and clicking on the doll's body. These needles will stay on this doll until it is completely destroyed.

You can also use guns and darts to attack these dolls. These are long-range offensive weapons, so you need to aim to be able to deal damage to the doll's body. These guns will have prices ranging from 200 to 2500 coins, depending on the price they will have different functions. However, you should use high-priced guns because it has the ability to automatically aim.

Since this is a game involving spells, you can also control enchanted creatures. In this game you will have the opportunity to control 3 different types of creatures, these animals will automatically hit the doll. The lowest-level creature you can control is the spider, it costs 650 coins. Spiders from many corners of the room will move to the location of the doll and attack it. The advantage of this type of creature is that you can control many spiders at the same time and the process of killing the doll will be faster. The 2 higher-level creatures are the fish and the ape, both of which cost 5000 coins. Its attack will be similar to the spider, but it will deal more damage through attacks.