Katana Fruits

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Introduce Katana Fruits

Katana Fruits is a fruit-slashing game that will release your stress. In this game, you have to slash the fruits that appear on the screen and get a score.

This game is inspired by the game Ninja Fruit - a classic fruit-slashing game. However, it has a completely different point that the bundle has only one game mode which is slashing fruit. This mode allows you to slash until you get bored. Each lane you cut a fruit, the number of points in the upper corner of the screen will increase depending on the type of fruit you cut. If you create a combo, the number of points you get will be doubled. To form a combo, you need to cut off 2 balls in one draw. The number of points that you get each time you cut fruit will be saved, you should cut a lot to become the person with the highest score.

The rule

This game also has some rules to not make your journey endless. At first, the fruits will move slowly on the screen, you use the mouse and make slashes to cut the fruit. When you have set a high score, the fruit spawn rate will also be faster making it more difficult for you to slash the fruit. Each time you play, you will have 3 lives, equivalent to 3 times missing the fruit. If you pass the challenge of life, the game still has bombs. These bombs will appear randomly between waves. If you do not pay attention, you will easily cut it, then you will lose immediately. So, the game not only requires you to have good skills but also requires high concentration, play, and get the highest score.