Geometry Dash

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The tasks in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a familiar running game, you need to control a square block moving on a road full of obstacles, let's pass it and reach the finish line safely.

If you are a fan of fast-paced running games, don't miss this game. Creating here you will experience moments of extreme drama in a thorny road. These obstacles are arranged in a completely random order, you can only jump to be able to overcome them. If you use a phone you can use your finger and tap directly on the screen and jump up. If you use a computer you can jump up by clicking or pressing the up arrow button. Either way, you must have a quick reflex to be able to overcome it. It is best to play this game many times to get used to the gameplay of this game and win on many different levels. Know the rules of the game and join the Kick The Buddy website to play this game.

Control your character and buy skin

While you control your character on the thorny road, you need to collect coins. You can use this coin to buy new skins for your character, which have been hidden. You will spend 50 coins to open new skins, these new skins will appear completely randomly. Sometimes the new skins will be something you don't like, you can just open all the skins in the shop to be able to choose the one you like.