Super Buddy Kick

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The descriptions

The difference from Kick The Buddy

Super Buddy Kick is an upgraded version of the game Kick The Buddy, where you will still torture Buddy but there will have many advanced tools.

Because it is an upgraded version, this doll has also been upgraded with better resistance. This doll is not made of fabric anymore but it is made of wood so it will have a more beautiful appearance. Moreover, the improvement is more evident when this doll is dressed. The improvement of this game is also visible in the background, in old levels the buddy will appear in the old and dilapidated room. In this game, the buddy will appear in a beautiful room, this room has brown walls, a computer, and a desk. Even though the shooting effects have been improved, it gives you the most authentic feeling possible when torturing your buddy.

How to play

Your buddy will be equipped with a blood bar on the head, each time you attack your buddy, its health will decrease a bit. You use your mouse and click on the buddy to attack it, but its damage won't be apparent as soon as you attack. You need to accumulate multiple attacks to be able to see its effects. When enough attacks are accumulated, cuts and bruises will appear on the buddy. Its health tree will also continuously drop through attacks and when this buddy's health tree runs out, the buddy will shatter and die. After each attack you will get a coin, if you kill this buddy then you will earn 20 coins. You can use this coin to buy weapons and shield the buddy torture experience more interesting.

Discover the armory

This game has up to 10 weapons, but to be able to unlock all these weapons, you need to spend a lot of money. These will vary in price, with the cheapest Pistol gun at a price of only 100 coins. The most expensive weapon has a price of 9999 coins, the name and function of this weapon is still a mystery. You need to play for a long time and kill a lot of buddies to unlock this weapon.

First, we will discover the cheapest weapon in this game, which is the Pisol gun. This gun is pretty basic as you need to use the mouse and click on the buddy to orient the gun. Every time you catch the middle you will earn 1 cent, this number is small, but if you accumulate a lot of coins, you will be able to buy weapons with greater damage. The next gun is the Uzri, this gun costs 300 cents, to match its price, this gun has automatic aiming. This means you don't have to click on the screen to attack your buddy anymore. Next, you can use a grenade for 600 coins, you put the grenade at the buddy's feet and it will explode after 3 seconds. The grenade brings great damage, but the activation process is quite long, so you need to consider when using this weapon. In addition, this game has a lot of weapons that have been hidden in the shop, you can only know what it is when you unlock it.