Car Stimulator

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Discover different car

Car Stimulator allows you to participate in an endless driving journey, here, you will drive many different types of cars in different types of terrain.

This game has 3 main types of cars that are Rally, Police, and old cars, the functions of these cars are not much different. The biggest difference is in speed and purpose of use, in these 3 cars, Rally will be the car that gives you the most comfortable feeling. This car will move at a fast speed, it requires you to have a quick reflex and flexible hand manipulation. This car is capable of performing beautiful drifts and acrobatics in the air. Due to the function and structure, the other 2 cars will not be as flexible as Rally, but it is quite suitable for those who are new to the gameplay of this game.

The interesting tracks

This game has 3 tracks to serve the purposes of each player, the first track is the desert arena. As the name implies, this track is set in the desert where there are many dangerous obstacles. Here, you will have the opportunity to perform drifts and acrobatics in the air. The next track is the prairie, this is a pretty peaceful track where you can both drive and enjoy the scenery on both sides of the road. The last track is the race track, this track reimages the original F1 track, and it gives you the feeling of becoming a professional racer.