Kick the Teddy

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About Kick the Teddy

Some descriptions

Kick the Teddy will entertain you by torturing a Teddy bear. This bear will sit in the middle of the screen and you have to use tools to torture it.

If you are looking for a game to entertain after a tiring day at work, Kick the Teddy is a great choice for you. In this game, you will vent all your anger on a teddy bear. This teddy bear will sit in the middle of the screen, you will use the tools to torture this bear. This game has many levels and different modes, so you can play until you get bored. This game is available on Kick The Buddy website, join this website now and have endless entertainment moments.

Play in various modes and levels

This game has two different modes, the first mode is level and the second one is immortal. When you play in the first mode, the game also activates a health tree and different levels. This game will stimulate entertainment when the teddy bear will lose health after each of your attacks. Until the teddy bear's blood is exhausted, you will complete a level and a new level will be opened, this mode is suitable for those who like to conquer. The other mode is immortal mode, this bear is immune to your attacks. This means that you can attack this teddy bear until you get bored, this mode is very suitable for you to entertain.

The weapon of this game

This game has 5 main types of weapons, in each weapon type will be divided into different types. To unlock these weapons, you need to use the money from attacking the teddy. Depending on the weapon you attack, the amount of money you earn after each attack will be different, now let's learn about the weapons of the game.

The first weapon is a gun with 4 different types. The first gun is a pistol with a cost of 100 coins, it has a close-attack ability. The remaining guns are Aka guns and cannons, these guns have high cost and great damage. In return for using these expensive guns, you will earn more money when attacking the teddy.

The next weapon is a knife, these are melee weapons and you will slash at the bear to create blood streaks. This weapon has a price ranging from 150 coins to 1000 coins and has different types such as knives, hammers, and so on.

The next torture device is household items such as chairs, tables, ladders, and more. These tools are quite cheap with prices ranging from 80 coins to 260 coins, you use these tools and smash the bear.

The last 2 weapons are darts and rockets. These tools have very different price when the cheapest one costs 50 coins and the most expensive one cost 5000 coins. Its costs are completely worth it when it brings you a lot of money after each attack. In general, choose the most suitable weapon and attack the teddy and have fun.