Jeep Driver

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About Jeep Driver

Jeep Driver is a driving game that you should not miss, you will have the opportunity to drive in a difficult terrain and reach the destination safely.

It is unlike the dangerous races in Madalin Cars Multiplayer, this game requires you to control a Jeep. This Jeep is very suitable for the rough terrain of the game when you have to continuously move through obstacles such as slopes and bridges. When moving through these obstacles, you must ensure the balance of the vehicle so as not to tip over and lose blood. Your main goal in this game is to get your car to the finish line safely, are you ready for it?

How to control your Jeep

The control of this game is basically similar to other driving games when you will use the arrow keys to control your car. You use the right arrow key to move forward as well as pin the car forward, but you should not hold this key because it may cause your vehicle to overturn. Likewise, you use the left arrow key to make your car move backward. When your car is overturned, press the up arrow key to flip, use just enough force for the car to flip to the correct position, and get 3 coins. You note that your car has a health bar shown in the upper right corner of the screen, you must reach the finish line before this health bar runs out, otherwise, you will lose.