Stan The Man

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About Stan The Man

Stan The Man gives you exciting challenges on the construction site, where you have to control a little boy and shoot bombs to destroy zombies.

A boy wearing an orange shirt is trapped among zombies, these zombies appear in different locations on the construction site. These zombies are not movable and cannot attack you. However, you must destroy all the zombies to escape from the construction site. The construction site is divided into 20 different levels with different arrangements. You will have to put bombs on the feet of zombies and wait for it to explode, when the bomb explodes these zombies will die. When you kill all the zombies in the construction site you will be immediately taken to another level. These challenges are not difficult but you have to be extremely patient, play and break all the levels of this game.

Control your boy

You can easily aim by holding and moving the left mouse button, you release the mouse to shoot the bomb. When it lands through this bomb, it will explode within 3 seconds and destroy all objects around it. When you aim to shoot you also have to consider the displacement when the bomb hits the wall, it will move in the wrong direction and not land in the position you want. You also don't need to worry too much about the bombs going in the wrong direction because you can shoot the bombs non-stop until you kill all the zombies.