Super Buddy Kick 2

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Introduce Super Buddy Kick 2

Some Information

Super Buddy Kick 2 is one game in the Kick The Buddy series, where you entertain yourself by attacking Buddy. The upgrade is evident in the attack and weapons.

This game has the same interface as the mobile version that you usually download on CH Play and App Store. The wooden buddy will be hung on a rope in the middle of the screen. There will be a health bar on the buddy's head and the buddy's health will drop each time you attack it. You use your finger or mouse to click on the screen and attack the buddy. For each attack, you will also get 1 coin and you will get 100 coins after killing 1 buddy. You kill a buddy when the health bar above the buddy's head is depleted. Since this is an upgraded version, the buddy's health bar is also upgraded, which means it takes longer for you to kill the buddy. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that this buddy is hanging on a rope so it can't avoid your attacks. That way, you won't have to spend time locating your buddy, so it's easier for you to hit it.

About graphics and sounds

This game has nice graphics when Buddy is made from wood and wears a blue outfit. To add drama to the game, each of your attacks will leave wounds on the buddy's body. These attacks will remain on Buddy until it is destroyed. Besides graphics, sound is also an indispensable component contributing to the success of this game. The game has combined lively sounds to create excitement for you to participate in the process of torturing your buddy. When you use a gun, the pistol sounds will be heard, the game also depicts the sound of bullets when it hits the buddy and the cries for help when the buddy is pinned. This is a perfect version of a stress reliever game, what are you waiting for without playing this game?

Interesting weapons

Weapons are divided into 3 main categories: basic weapons, objects, and special. Basic weapons are guns with different prices. The typical gun is the pistol, it is cheap but has great attack power. Basic weapons are something you should buy because they have self-aiming capabilities. While the automatic guns shoot at Buddy, you can also use your hands to attack it. That way, your buddy will die faster and you'll make more money too.

Next is the object, they are the Molotov, grenade, or knife. The price of these objects ranges from 300 coins to 18000 coins, which are quite large numbers. Accompanied by a high cost, the damage that the object brings is quite high, it will be 2 times more than basic weapons. However, it won't have auto-aiming capabilities, which means you'll have to orient yourself.

About special weapons, some have self-aiming capabilities, others are not. Missiles cost 5000 coins, when activated they will automatically fly to the buddy's place and attack until the buddy dies. The lightnings cost 12000 coins, it will continuously hit the buddy's son until the buddy dies. There are also countless other weapons such as bees, and nuclear weapons, you must participate in the game to unlock them.