Fruit Ninja

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Release stress in Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a classic fruit-slashing game, where you can relieve stress by using a knife and slashing the fruits that appear on the screen.

Fruits such as watermelon, banana, and passion fruit will appear randomly on the screen. You use your fingers or use the mouse to slash these fruits. These fruits will appear singly or in clusters. You cut a bunch of fruit to form a combo and get bonus points. You should pay attention to the bombs, if you touch the bombs you will lose immediately. This game will have 3 main modes namely classic mode, time mode, and free mode. The rules of each mode will be different, you should play to experience.

The power-ups

Although the entertainment of this game is completely different from Super Buddy Kick, it all needs power-ups to help you cut fruit faster, these power-ups act as weapons. While slashing the fruits that appear on the screen, the game will give you some power-ups. The game will launch a fruit that has the ability to freeze, when this is activated, the flight speed of the fruits appearing on the screen will slow down and you will be able to cut more easily. Another power-up will help clear the bomb for a short period of time. When activating this power-up, the fruits will appear with a denser frequency to help you increase your score quickly. You can buy these power-ups at the game's store for different prices, or you can also wait for them to appear during play.