Super Buddy Archer

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About Super Buddy Archer

Something special

Super Buddy Archer puts your aim to the test as you shoot arrows and rescue your buddy. Here, you will have a chance to rescue buddies through various levels.

If you have played the game Kick The Buddy then you will be familiar with this Buddy character. It is a doll made of cloth and will be tortured with various tools. However, in this game, you will not attack the buddy anymore, you will have to rescue it. The buddy is hanging on a rope, you have to quickly aim and shoot the rope. While you shoot these ropes off you also have to be careful because you will also fail to hit the buddy. In general, you have to be very careful to be able to overcome the challenges in Super Buddy Archer.

Play on several levels

This game will take place in many different levels, the difference between levels is how the buddy hangs. At level 1, you only have to rescue a buddy hanging from the gallows, as in level 2 the difficulty will increase. You have to rescue 2 buddies at the same time, at the same time you also need to collect stars. These stars are the same as your mission completion score. If you succeed in rescuing all of your buddies but you don't collect any stars, you will also lose. Like many other leveled games, new levels will be opened when you complete the mission in the previous level. You can also replay the levels you opened in the main menu. The game also has new difficulty levels in new levels that increase the number of buddies' hangs and how to hang. At low levels, the buddy is hanging from the rope on the gallows, these buddies will stand still so it will be easier for you to rescue it. But from level 4 onwards the buddy will be suspended by the balloons, this means that the buddy will move making it difficult for you to rescue them.

The way to rescue the buddy

A doll is hanging in different ways, you have to use the bow and rescue it without getting hurt. In case the doll is hanging by ropes, you use the mouse and aim directly at the rope and cut it. In case the doll is suspended by the balloons, you have to aim at the balloon. You have to be much more careful when facing the flying balls because they will move at a fast speed. To make sure you can shoot this balloon you have to shoot a little faster. Note that, your number of arrows will be limited, the number of arrows you are provided with will be equal to the number of buddy children. This means that your hit rate must be 100%, with just one small mistake you will also lose the game. Another note is that when you shoot the arrows fired from the bottom up will move in a curve, easily harming your buddy. You should consider this issue before shooting arrows, it is best to shoot a little higher to ensure the safety of your buddy.