Drift Hunters

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Race in the Drift Hunters game

Drift Hunters is opening up explosive races for speed enthusiasts. Your mission in this game is to upgrade your car and participate in thrilling races.
This is a driving game like in Jeep Driver, but you will be driving the car in many different terrains. Before starting the races, you need to choose a car and upgrade it for yourself. This game will give you a basic car with low stats. To be able to buy better cars you need to race and earn money. You can also upgrade your car's stats by upgrading its dung beetles. Finally, participating in the race, you use the directional keys to control your car. Note, you should create more drifts to get more money.

Discover 5 maps

This game has 5 main race tracks: Docks, Touge, Nishiri, City, and Tyshen, each track will have its own characteristics. Docks is a racetrack in the port, this track looks flat but it has many obstacles. Touge is a mountain track, you should use off-road vehicles to easily conquer this map. The city is a difficult track when you have to face many different types of vehicles on the street. Nishuri and Tyshen maps are quite similar, they take place in a peaceful suburb, so it is very suitable for those who love to explore. The game has many different maps and tries different settings to suit different players' preferences. Whether you are a crazy lover or a dreamer, you can play this game.