Kick The Zombies

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Kill the zombies

Kick The Zombies easily melt your anger by torturing zombies. Here, you can torture them everywhere from the cemetery to the haunted castle.

The zombies are disturbing the lives of everyone you need to destroy them to regain peace for the villagers. This zombie has a slow movement and it will not move without impact. When you use your hands and attack, the zombie will move slowly to avoid your attacks. You use your finger to hit the zombie directly or you can also use the mouse and click on the screen to attack it. For every hit you attack a zombie, you will earn 1 coin, and if you kill a zombie you will earn 100 coins. You can use this money to upgrade weapons as well as change the background to make the game journey more interesting. This game is available on Kick The Buddy website, let's play and relieve stress.

Different backgrounds

You can attack zombies in 5 different settings and they range in price from 200 coins to 800 coins. The default background of the game is an abandoned house, you can play in this background without losing money. This background has a house in the middle of an abandoned field, and the time is at midnight so the background is quite gloomy. The next background is the cemetery, it only takes you 200 coins to unlock it because this background coincides with the theme of the game. The remaining 3 backgrounds are abandoned tombs, haunted castles to the desert, these backgrounds both cost 800 coins. Corresponding to the price, different backgrounds will bring different experiences, you should earn a lot of money to be able to unlock all the backgrounds of the game.

Upgrade your weapons

Besides the background, the weapon is also an important factor that determines your gaming experience, so this game designs a lot of interesting weapons. Guns are indispensable weapons when you play this game, it costs from 200 coins to 1500 coins. The damage of guns will also change according to their price, expensive guns will be able to kill zombies faster. Besides you can also activate other weapons that are knives and hammers, these weapons are cheaper than guns. Comes at a cheap price, and, its damage is also quite small, which makes it take you longer to kill zombies.

The theme of this game is horror, so it is indispensable for weapons to capture zombies such as tombstones and coffins. You will have to hold these and hit the zombies directly until it dies. If you don't want to have to torture directly, you can also use the game's automatic weapons. The first is a rain of arrows with a price of 800 coins, at this time a rain of arrows will be activated and attack zombies until it dies. However, this weapon has a rather slow effect because there will be many missed arrows, you should use bears or ninjas. They cost 5000 coins, when you activate this weapon, it will automatically find zombies and quickly destroy them.