2 Player Dino Run

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About 2 Player Dino Run

2 Player Dino Run is an upgraded version of Dino Game. This game allows you to control 2 dinosaurs at the same time. Don't hesitate to play it.
If you have ever played Dino Games, you will not be unfamiliar with the gameplay of this game. It still retains the dinosaur image as well as the controls, but it has also been updated with new features to make the game more interesting. This game will divide the screen into 2 parts horizontally to create running tracks for 2 dinosaurs. 2 dinosaurs are also different colors, one dinosaur is blue, and the other is colored. The position of these dinosaurs on the track will not be fixed, however, the way the bunch's controls are fixed. The first dinosaur will move on the upper track and control with the W key. The second dinosaur will be controlled with the up arrow key and move on the track below. These 2 dinosaurs will move at the same time but will experience different obstacles. The dinosaur that touches the spikes first will be the loser.

Play this game with friends

Because this game allows you to control 2 dinosaurs at the same time, you can invite your friends to play. You and your friend control a dinosaur and compete to see who gets the higher score. In case you want to increase the difficulty of the game, you can also control 2 dinosaurs by yourself at the same time. Note that as long as one of the 2 dinosaurs slows to the spike, the game will be over.