2048 Merge

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All you need to know about 2048 Merge

2048 Merge is a fun numbers game, you need to place blocks of different values and in the board to merge them together. Are you ready for it?

You will have to arrange tiles of different values into a 4x4 board, so there will be 16 positions on the board. Tiles with different values will appear at the bottom of the screen, you use the mouse to drag it into the table. These tiles have a turn value of two, four, eight and the largest tile is one thousand zero hundred two eight. The arrangement of the tiles will be very easy in the first steps, but as there are more tiles on the board, this game will become more and more difficult. Your achievement in this game is not to make one thousand zero two eight but to get the highest score possible. Join the Kick The Buddy website and use your wits to win this game.

The principle of merging tiles

You drag the tile block to the position where you think it can combine with other tiles on the board, when 2 tiles have the same value they will form a new tile with double value. Even if you merge 4 tiles or 5 tiles in one arrangement, the newly created tile is still only worth double. However, if you do this, you will receive a power-up, this power up has the ability to remove the tile you don't want. This power-up only works when you have not arranged it, which means this power-up has absolutely no effect on the tiles on the board. If you merge the 2 highest value tiles together, they will form a bomb and destroy all the tiles around it. This game will end when you fill the board with tiles of different values.