8 Ball Pool Online

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Two modes of 8 Ball Pool Online

If you are a billiard fan then don't miss 8 Ball Pool Online, you need to put the ball in the hole according to the rules of the game and win this game.

You can play this game in two different modes, single-player mode and versus mode. In 1 player mode, you will have to put all the balls into the hole to complete the challenge of the game. In versus mode, you will face another player and the player will change turns continuously. Each player will be asked for a different ball, if the player hits the opponent's ball into the hole they will lose their turn. You can practice your billiards skills by playing the game in single-player mode. The two-player mode is quite dramatic and you can play with your friends.

Play billiards by the rules of the game

The rules of this game are very simple when you need to hit the required balls into the hole. You use the mouse and determine the direction of the white ball, at the bottom of the stick, there will be an adjustment scale. You define a sufficient force and then left-click to apply force to the white ball. This white ball will roll on the table and bring the requested balls into the hole. You can only apply force to the required balls through the white ball, you cannot apply force directly into the required balls. After shooting all the required balls into the hole, you need to shoot the black ball into the hole and end the game.

You should note that if you put the black ball into the hole before putting the required balls into the hole, you will lose immediately. If you shoot the white ball into the hole or shoot your opponent's requested ball into the hole, you lose your turn.