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Some features of Amaze

Amaze is a simple puzzle game where you will have to rescue a ball out of the maze by moving the ball to color all the empty cells in the maze.

A ball is stuck in a giant maze, this maze will be divided into small parts corresponding to many different levels. When you completely fill this part of the maze, you will open a new part of the maze on another level. This ball has the ability to generate a color strip of many different colors, you just need to cover the maze with this color strip to overcome the challenge of the game.

Commit the mission

This ball can only move straight in one direction, it has no ability to stop itself, and it can only stop when it hits a wall. When the ball is at rest, use the directional keys to control it and the ball will move in the direction indicated on the arrow keys. For example, if you use the horizontal arrow key your character will move sideways and if you use the down arrow your ball will move down. This game will not limit moves so you can play until all the empty cells on the maze are filled. This game has 40 levels, please quickly complete the challenge in each level and conquer this game, now the game is available on Kick The Buddy website.