Arctic Pong

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Arctic Pong is the adventure of the seal in the ice world. You need to control your seal to move between the two ends of the iceberg and collect coins.
A seal is moving automatically on an iceberg and has to collect coins. Between the two ends of the iceberg, there will be elastic guns, if your seal touches the elastic guns it will automatically turn their heads. When you touch one pole of the iceberg, the other pole will appear coins, you have to move in reverse to collect them. This game is not simply moving between the 2 ends of the iceberg, the game will create hippos to hinder you. These hippos will move at different speeds and hit you down. To avoid hitting these hippos, you tap the screen and make your seal turn its head. This game will end when you have a collision with the hippo. To play this fun game, you access the Kick The Buddy website.

Choose your character

This game has created up to 5 characters for you to choose from, in which the seal is the default character. The next character that you have the opportunity to control is Walrus, it costs 150 coins. Next is Penguin for 400 coins and Owl for 650 coins. The last character of this game is Reindeer, you need to spend up to 1000 coins to own. To own all the characters of this game you need to spend a lot of money, but the entertainment value that it brings is completely worth it.