Battleship 2 Player

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Make a strategy in the Battleship 2 Player game

Battleship 2 Player is a battle between submarines under the sea, in this game, you must aim and destroy all enemy ships before they attack you.

This game will divide into 2 different teams, your opponent will be AI or it can also be your friend. Before coming to this war you need to arrange the position for your battleships. The purpose of this is to make it impossible for the enemy to locate your battleship. You use the mouse and drag the ships below the image onto the map. These ships are horizontal by default, you click and the battleship can change its orientation. When arranging battleships, you don't need to pay attention to any rules, you can even arrange 2 battleships next to each other. Come up with the right strategies and engage in intense battles in this game on the Kick The Buddy website.

Attack the enemy's battleship

After making reasonable strategies, it will be the counterattack phase, which means you have to attack the enemy's battleship. You and your opponent will take turns to launch attacks by left-clicking and anywhere on the map. Each time you attack, you will be able to use 5 cannons, after finishing 5 attacks, even if you hit the enemy ship, it will also be the enemy's turn. Depending on the size of the ship that you will have to use different cannons to destroy, you can destroy some boats with just 2 cannons and may also have to use up to 5 cannons. In this battle, whoever destroys the other's ships first will be the winner.