Bubble Shooter Classic

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Release stress by Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter Classic is a familiar shooting game, where your stress will be relieved by constantly shooting and exploding bubbles hanging on a piston.

This game will help you entertain by controlling a cannon and destroying all the bubbles hanging on the piston. These balls are divided into many colors such as blue, green, red, purple, yellow, etc. The bullets of the artillery gun will also match the color of these bubbles. These bullets will be randomly generated, you must have a suitable strategy to match bullets with bubbles and then explode all these bubbles. This game will not limit the number of shots you can shoot, but you must also be careful not to waste any of these bullets. The piston will push forward so you will probably fail if the gun touches the balls on the piston. You can also win by destroying all the bubbles on the piston. Now I will talk about the rules of this game, you should clearly understand the rules to master this game.

Destroy the bubbles following the rule

You enter the mouse at the location where you want to shoot the ball, then the bullet will fly to that location and it will explode the balls of the same color as it. The more bubbles you explode, the more points you will get. You will destroy all of these bubbles in a gradual way, which means that as long as you completely remove one color of the bubble before it generates a new one, the colored bubble will disappear. completely removed from the piston. Just like that, you gradually destroy the bubbles according to the colors and completely destroy the bubbles. This game is both fun and challenging, what are you waiting for without playing this game right away?