Card Merge

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Some things about Card Merge

Card Merge is a card sorting game that you should not miss where you have to arrange the cards so that they can merge together and form the largest number.

A board will be divided into four different cells, in which your task is to rearrange the position of the cards in this box. These cards will appear as two, four, or eight, and so on, and the order in which these cards appear is completely random. You won't know when the next card will appear until you see it, otherwise, you don't need to care about these cards because you won't be able to sort it right away. This game will not limit the value you can arrange as long as you can afford it. Join this game on the Kick The Buddy website to see what is the largest number you can arrange.

Rules for arranging and merging cards

As I said above, these values will appear in a completely random order, but it has a certain sort of rule. The condition for the cards to merge together is that they need to have the same value, so you use the mouse and drag the cards of the same value together. When two cards of the same value merge, they will create a new card with double the old value and they will merge at the spot you merged. When you change the position of a card, there will be two cases, it will merge into another card or nothing will happen and new cards will appear. These cards will appear in a row in the upper corner of the board, these cards will appear and push the remaining cards on the board to the limit point. For columns that have reached the limit, no new cards will appear. These new cards appear when you change the position of a card and it cannot be merged into another card. This game will not limit your number of arrangements as long as you merge as many as possible, but still, space on the board is limited. Each time a new card appears it will occupy up to four positions on the board, the more new cards you let appear, the easier it will be to lose. This game ends when the board is full of cards and you cannot change the positions of the cards anymore.