City Idle Tycoon

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Be the mayor of City Idle

City Idle Tycoon gives you the opportunity to become the mayor of a city, here, your task is to build this city to be as developed as possible.

Being a mayor has never been so easy, this game allows you to build your city with simple operations. You will be given 64 plots of land, which means you can build up to 64 houses. These houses also have the potential to make money for you. When you have a lot of money, you can move to a new city and continue to build great cities. Although currently this game has only been developed with 64 plots of land, a few people can be patient and conquer all these 64 plots, do you have the patience to conquer it? This game is available on Kick The Buddy website, play it and make yourself a tycoon.

Rules of building city

Your career will start with 500 coins, this is a small number but you will turn it into a huge fortune. With that small number, you can only buy 3 houses, along with the development of the city the price of these houses will also increase gradually over time. In the first house, you only need to buy 50 coins, but with house number 2 this number has increased to 100 coins. Just like that, every time you buy one more house, the next house will increase by 100 coins, exponentially the house in box 64 will cost 3500 coins. Such rising land and house prices demonstrate the tremendous growth of your city. The houses you buy will also generate profits continuously, every 5 seconds each house will generate 50 coins. This amount will be added directly to your account in the upper left corner of the screen. The combination of many houses will quickly make you a billionaire, don't miss this experience.