Clicker Heroes

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Some descriptions

Clicker Heroes allows you to play as a warrior who has to fight monsters in different lands, you will fight these monsters by mouse clicks.

This game has countless different types of monsters and they will appear in many different lands. The typical monsters of this game are Grablin, Finky, Goboolin, and so on. They will be divided into many different levels, depending on the land they are worth standing on. Every time you kill a monster, you will receive a sum of money. The amount you get will be proportional to the level of the monster you killed. After earning money from killing monsters, you can buy some help rights to be able to kill monsters faster. Play this game on Kick The Buddy.

Challenge and help

This game will take you through many different lands, it can be a jungle and it can also be a desert. Each land will have 5 different levels, in which you have to kill 10 monsters to pass a level. After completing 4 levels of an area, you need to face the final boss, only when you destroy the final boss can you leave with different lands. These final bosses have a very large amount of health, it requires you to upgrade the support rights to the maximum to be able to destroy it.

The most basic helper is Cid, which upgrades your damage with each click. The amount you need to upgrade will increase exponentially, after each upgrade the damage you generate will increase by one. Some other helpers are Treebeast, Ivan, etc. These helpers will attack monsters automatically and increase the amount you earn.