Cow Clicker

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Overall the Cow Clicker

Become the boss of the cow farm in the game Cow Clicker, where you will harvest milk by clicking on cows, and from there you can buy new cows.

This game will allow you to witness the growth of the cow through many different stages. But to create this development you need to click on cows to harvest milk, then you to win money to buy new cows. Currently, your farm is holding up to 6 cows, your number of cows cannot be increased so you should only focus on the growth of cows. Mature cows will give you a great source of income, these cows are also capable of harvesting their own milk, but this process is very slow. In the early stages of the game, you should collect your own or cow's milk, after having a stable source of cows, you can let the cows harvest milk on their own.

The development stages of the cow

Your cow will have five stages of development, the first cow to pay attention to is the newborn cow, which costs two hundred coins and it will generate ten coins every three seconds, with each click you also collect ten coins. The profit of this bull is quite low but you must buy it because this is the source of each cow's development. You match two newborn cows together to form a new, larger cow, and the newly created cow will give you a profit of twenty coins every three seconds. Just like that, you merge two cows of twenty coins to form a cow worth thirty coins, then forty coins. Just like that you will merge and create the most valuable bull with fifty coins, you will collect 18 coins per click. You try to create as many mature cows as possible to get the maximum profit.