Crazy Car Stunt Car Games

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Missions in Crazy Car Stunt Car Games

Crazy Car Stunt Car Games is the most dangerous car journey you can go through, you will have to move on the road full of traps and reach the finish line.

This is a very dramatic game where you will have to participate in a race full of obstacles. This is not a dangerous race between cars but it will definitely give you more stimulating emotions than that. You will have to leave a car on a small road on which there are obstacles, they will be arranged differently through each different level. For example, at level one, there will appear knives and guillotines on this path, you have to move slowly, after this guillotine is activated, you should move. If you move when the guillotine is activated you will very easily be cut by it and fail in this game. There are many other interesting missions waiting for you in different levels of this game, you need to complete the missions in the previous level to unlock the missions in the next level.

Discover cars

Before going on this dangerous journey, you can tour some of the game's cars, in this game, the white police car will be the default car of the game with low specifications. The game also has other cars with high specifications and but its price will not be cheap. You have to participate in many races and win many missions to be able to buy the car you love. If you want to get into the game then don't hesitate to join the Kick The Buddy website.