Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

Drive Mad is a driving practice game. You will not have to participate in dramatic races but you will have to drive through countless obstacles.
In this game, you will face obstacles on many different levels. The difficulty is increased by adding obstacles. This is also what makes the game more attractive. Players will never get bored because they will be conquering countless levels of the game. New challenges and new cars will constantly be created to surprise you, which means you will also have to face different driving styles. In addition, this game has simple controls, so it is suitable for all ages. Join this game on the Kick The Buddy website and test your driving skills.

Control the special car in this game

This game will go through countless levels but your task in these levels is quite simple. You will have to drive different cars over the obstacles and reach the finish line. Some cars will have different controls such as moving backwards. Normally, you will use the right arrow key to control your car forward. Some other cars have a fairly new way of controlling, you have to slow down when you first start and accelerate the car by moving downhill. When you control the car moving backwards you will have to use the left arrow key to move forward. Otherwise, you will use the right arrow key to control the brake. Get to grips with the mechanics of these cars to not be surprised when performing missions in levels.