Drop n Merge

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Introduce Drop n Merge

Drop n Merge requires you to arrange the falling tetromino blocks so that they must merge with the available blocks on the board, are you ready?

These are simple challenges in a board, this board is empty and you need to fill this board with different tetromino blocks. These challenges sound simple but it is testing your intelligence. These tetromino blocks fall completely randomly, although it has foretold you what type of blocks will fall, it is still very difficult to arrange. Join this game now on the Kick The Buddy website and see how much you can arrange the score.

How to play

The tetromino blocks will begin to fall from the top of the screen when the upper part of the board will be divided into 2 parts. The lower part is where the tetromino will fall on the screen, the upper part is the tetromino block that will appear next to help you calculate how the tetromino will fall. These tetromino blocks will not automatically fall, you need to apply force to them, you use the mouse and click on the position you want on the screen to determine the position of the tetromino. When the tetromino falls, it merges with the tetromino of the same value as it is in the table and forms a number that is one unit larger than the original tetromino block. For example, two tetromino blocks with a value of 1 merging together will create a new block with a value of 2, and two blocks with a value of 2 will create a block with a value of 3. This journey will Go on until you are full board, the highest score you generate will be summed up and saved.