Element Blocks

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About Element Blocks

Element Blocks creates challenges related to elemental natures. In this game, you have to arrange different elements on the board and destroy them.

This game is divided into 6 main elements which are leaf, lightning, fire, ice, water, and sun. The leaf element will be green, while the water element will be blue with the symbol of waves. The sun will be represented by orange and lightning will be represented by purple. The fire element will be represented by red and its opposite, the ice element will be represented by silver. These elements are contained in tetromino blocks of different shapes, you need to destroy the tetromino blocks to collect them.

The rule of arranging

These tetromino blocks will spawn every 3 blocks at one time and the elements that follow it will be unknown. You use the mouse to drag these blocks into the board, after you arrange the position for 3 blocks, 3 new blocks will appear. You destroy these blocks by forming a row of 9 elemental blocks. You can also use Mines or lightning to be able to collect these elements faster. Mines can detonate an area in the board, helping you to destroy 9 tetrominoes. Whereas lightning can only help you collect one element, it sounds like little effect, but sometimes just one block can make you lose. These tools can be rewards when you break tetromino blocks or you can also buy them with bonuses, no matter how you get the tools, use them sensibly to get a high score.