Find 500 Differences

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Some features

Find 500 Differences is a puzzle game that will help you train your sharp eyes. Your task is to find the difference between the two pictures.
The game will also give you two pictures, if you do not pay close attention you will feel that these two pictures are identical. So, because this is a puzzle game, these two pictures will have differences. Your task is to find all the differences in the allotted time. Usually, the picture with more detail will be placed on the right and the picture with less detail will be placed on the left. The differences between the two pictures will focus on the small details. Some details will be changed in color, while others will be completely lost. You should take the picture on the right as the original and compare it with the picture on the left. When you see the item changed, use your mouse and click and position the puzzle piece in the picture on the right. You need to find all the differences to unlock new challenges, this task will not be difficult if you have a good eye.

The benefits of playing Find 500 Differences

This game will stimulate your brain when solving difficult puzzles, you have to strain your eyes to find the difference. In addition, in order to find the difference, you must have a high concentration, so that you train your ability to concentrate. oing through many challenges in this game will practice your problem-solving skills.