Fish Eat Fish

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Some features of Fish Eat Fish

Fish Eat Fish is a survival battle between fishes in the vast ocean. You will play as a ferocious fish who has to hunt and eat all the fish in the sea.

This game will give you the opportunity to transform into a fish. You will start the game as a creature of the lowest class in the ocean. In the harsh world of this game, the big will swallow the little fish. If you don't want to be the prey of other fish, then you have to actively hunt and increase your size. You can't grow up immediately after eating a fish, the amount of fish you eat will be stored. After enough amount, your size will also increase. We all know that the lord of the ocean is a whale, so you have to be careful with this creature too. You can confront any creature but cannot defeat this fish.

Control the fish

This game has 3 fish with different controls, you can choose how to control before starting the game. The basic fish of the game is controlled by the arrow keys and the two fry are controlled by the WASD key and the mouse. Having 3 fish with 3 control ways you can invite your friends to play. You and your friends will compete for small fish that appear on the screen, even if you can attack each other, the winner is the last survivor. You can increase the difficulty of the game by playing many fish at the same time.