Freeway Fury

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Introduce Freeway Fury

Freeway Fury is a kind of racing game that you should not miss, where you not only drive but also make jumps over different cars. Let's get ready for it.

This is a thrilling driving game where you not only have to leave the car but also have to perform somersaults between different cars. The car you choose to drive will be faster than other cars, which means other cars will move at a slower speed and may also block your way. You need to drive and avoid these cars because your goal is to go fast and avoid these cars. When your car collides with another car or you fall, the game is over. Your score will be summed up when your race is over and it is a combination of many different factors. In which the most important factors are the distance you travel and the number of times you jump over cars. Especially jumping back and forth between the cars gives you a very high score because it is a very dangerous journey. Finally, your highest score will be saved and it only disappears when someone scores higher.

Jump between cars

This is a driving game combined with parkour, so it also has quite different control. The only similarity between this game and other games is that the car will move forward automatically and you use the left and right arrow keys to steer. The car in this game uses Nitro material to be able to move faster, when the energy runs out you have 2 options: recharge or switch to another car. However, the energy source is quite limited, so most of you have to jump to other cars, you use the up arrow to recharge. To jump between different cars, you hold down the down arrow keys and the left and right arrow keys. Specifically, you use the down arrow to jump on the roof of the car, at this time your car and the cars around you will slow down to make it easier for you to move. After standing on the roof of the trunks, you choose the left or right button to jump to the car closest to you. When you are on the roof of the car, everything moves slowly, only when you press the down arrow key and sit in the car, everything returns to normal. Jumping between cars gives you a huge score but it's also very dangerous, control carefully to go far and get a high score on this road.