Gem Twins

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Your mission in Gem Twins

Gem Twins brings you to the hard challenges in a closed maze. Your mission in this game is to control 2 characters on a map and collect coconuts.

This game will take place on many different levels, the challenges in these levels will be different and arranged in different ways. You need to collect the coconuts in the levels to unlock the next level. The number of coconuts you have to collect must also vary between levels, but don't worry, these coconuts will be arranged in easily accessible locations. Sometimes you will only collect one coconut, sometimes you have to collect 2 coconuts, depending on the characters you are controlling. No matter what the mission is, you must remember that you must escape the maze to complete the level of the game.

Control the characters and overcome the levels

Sometimes you will have to control two characters in a level, however, you will not have to control these two characters at the same time. When you control one character, the other character will be frozen. You press the space key to change between characters. Note that, each character will have their own designated coconut weevil. When a character is closed, its designated coconut will also become invisible. You can also take advantage of the remaining coconut to help you pass the level. Sometimes coconuts will appear in high places that make your character untouchable, freeze the remaining character and jump higher and get the coconut. You can be the same thing when facing high terrain, but when freezing, this character you also have to be careful so that they do not block each other. Like I said, you use the spacebar to freeze the character, you use the left and right arrows to help your character move.