Going Balls

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Let's play Going Balls

Going Balls requires you to complete the task of bringing a ball to the finish line safely, this ball will move on a narrow path and face many obstacles.

A ball is on a windy track, this ball cannot move on its own, and it needs your help. You need to control the ball so that it can reach the finish line without falling into the abyss, while you also need to collect coins. This game is close but there are no obstacles, the only thing you need to overcome is this track. This track will be divided into many different stages, some races have a large area, and others have a narrow area. What you need to pay attention to is that the track has a narrow area, when moving through this area, you have to move very slowly so as not to fall into the abyss. You move the mouse to push the ball to move forward, when you move the mouse in any direction, the ball will move in that direction.

Conquer 50 levels

This game is divided into 50 levels and the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually, so you will find these levels the game is quite easy. The challenges of the game will be added gradually through each level, it makes it impossible for you to overcome. This game is currently available on Kick The Buddy website, are you confident that you can conquer it?