Gold Rush

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About Gold Rush

Gold Rush requires you to find gold nuggets in a mineral vault. Here, you have to continuously destroy the gems until the gold nuggets appear.

The gems of different colors such as green, blue, yellow, and so on will appear in the vault. You use your mouse and click on a combination of 3 or more gems standing side by side and remove them from the screen. You will have to destroy these gems until the gold ones appear, collect 3 gold nuggets to be able to upgrade. After you have found 3 gold nuggets, let's arrange them next to each other then click on them to upgrade your game. One thing that you need to pay attention to is that you cannot touch these gems to the top of the screen, otherwise, you lose. In summary, this game is a whole new experience on Kick The Buddy website, this game is suitable for people who like simple and intellectual games.

Some tools

To make it easier for you to complete the task, the game also creates some help rights, a good example is pickaxe. When you see the pickaxe on the screen, you use your mouse and click on it, it will remove all the gems of the same color as the gems it's attached to. Besides, you should also find the key to open the treasure chest, this treasure chest activation will erase all gems in the vault. The most important thing in this game is to get the gold and upgrade the game, making good use of the tools to complete this task.