Grab It

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Some features of Grab It

Grab It keeps you entertained with challenges that take place off the beach. Let's choose different pairs of items and pick them up from the sand.
There are various items like seashells and starfish are appearing in cells on the beach. Your task is to find pairs of similar items and pick them up from the sand. Hooks will appear from the outside and pull these items out of the sand. This means that the items you choose cannot be blocked by any other items. In addition, stimulating your desire to conquer the game also creates different levels. When you pick up all the items out of the sand, you will be taken to the next level immediately. As of now, this game has forty levels, let's play the Grab It game on the Kick The Buddy website and unlock all levels.

How to control

If you play by computer, you use the mouse and click on the item pairs. When you play on a phone or tablet, you control it with your fingers. For each turn, you will have one minute and thirty seconds to complete the task. If you do not complete the mission within this time, you will fail. Since this game has a time limit, you have to quickly complete this task quickly. In fact, these challenges are quite easy as the items do not change position through the levels, which makes it easy to locate the items and remove them.