Happy Glass

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Introduce Happy Glass

Happy Glass gives you interesting challenges through different levels, the task of these levels is to solve the obstacles and fill the cup with water.

As I said above your main task is to fill a glass with water. This cup is having a sad face you need to pour water into the cup to make this cup smile and pass the challenge of the game. This cup will be placed on different platforms on the screen, these platforms are the main obstacle separating the water from the cup. You need to find a way to solve this obstacle to get the water to the cup. Not only platforms, this game will also take you to different levels and different obstacles. How to solve the obstacles of this game will be explained soon.

Overcome the challenges

The faucet will be placed at the top of the screen and the amount of water in this faucet is limited. This means that you need to fill the cup with the amount of water provided, you must try to lose as little water as possible. There is a limit point on the water cup, when the water crosses this limit point, the cup will turn to a smiley face and you complete the challenge of the game. The way to solve the main obstacles is to use a pen and draw a pipe leading to the cup. However, your ink is also limited, the less ink you use, the higher your rating will be. The maximum rating of this game is 3 stars, if you complete the mission but also don't get any star rating, you also lose.