Hello Guys

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Some features of Hello Guys

Hello Guys are competitions of hot dogs in many sports. In this game, these guys will participate in different competitions and try to find the winner.
In a race, that will usually have up to 10 players, the task of any sausage in this game is to defeat other sausages. Players need to try to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line first. In case another sausage gets to the finish line first, then the game will be calculated by the amount of time that the player uses to complete the task. In short, this game requires players to have quick reflexes and quickly escape the obstacles of the game. In addition, this game also requires a bit of luck, if you are lucky you will encounter fewer obstacles than others and will also reach the finish line faster.

Discover 4 modes

Players will experience 4 main modes, in which, players will have to jump across platforms in Parhour Man mode. In Steal Egg mode, you will steal the egg and move quickly to the finish line. Memory Matter is a hot mode, here, you need to memorize the cards containing fruit and put them together. In Jump Challenge mode, you jump up and compete for the ball with other players. The next mode is Ice and Cliff, the player must run away from the ice to not be pushed into the cliff. The last mode is Ugent Ugent, you have to run away from the dangerous rooms.