Highway Racer

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Drive in Highway Racer

Highway Racer allows you to become a professional racing driver, here, you have to be agile and overtake all the other vehicles on the highway.

The name of this game will make you think of endless races on the highway. However, this is not a thrilling race, it is just a journey of a large displacement motorcycle on the highway. This is a one-way highway, so you have to move fast and pass all the other cars. Vehicles on this highway will move in a straight line, you are the only vehicle that can change direction on this road. If you are not the fastest, you will be smashed by other cars and fail. Don't get crushed, be the most talented racer and go far in this game.

Control your motorbike

It is not the same as Madalin Cars Multiplayer games, this game will not have a driving mode, and you will immediately be taken into dangerous races. Vehicles will move quickly in a straight line, every time you want to pass a vehicle, you press the left or right arrow key. This highway will be divided into 5 lanes, for each steer you will change lanes once. When changing lanes, it is very easy to have an accident, so you need to be very careful. You also cannot touch the edge of the highway, otherwise, you will also have an accident and fail. This game not only challenges your driving ability but also your reflexes, play and prove your bravery.