HOOPS the Game

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Some things you need to know about this game

Descriptions of HOOPS the Game

What are you waiting for without participating in the crazy basketball matches in HOOPS the Game? You have to juggle the ball so that it flies into the basket.

This game is set up quite simply when you just need to throw the ball from one basket to another. Moreover, while you align the direction of the ball, the game also creates dashes that make it easier for you to get the ball into the basket. This game also takes place only once, your score will be accumulated every time you put the ball into the basket. If you let the ball go over the basket, you lose and have to start over.

Dunk ball in the basket

Other baskets will appear automatically in the air after you put the ball in the basket. You use the mouse and drag it and see the direction of movement for the ball, after determining the direction of movement, you left-click to throw the ball. If the ball goes into the basket you will continue to play and if the ball does not hit the basket you will fail and play again.

Buy new basketball

After putting the ball into the basket many times, you will see coins appear above the baskets. Thus, you not only have to put the ball in the basket but also have to collect the coins, which will help you buy new balls in the shop. The brown basketball is the default ball, you have to spend money to be able to own other balls. These balls range in value from 15 coins up to 200 coins, they have the same design but only different colors. The cheapest ball is the yellow ball and the most expensive ball is the yellow-orange ball. Because this game doesn't have a rule to open in turn, you only need to unlock the balls you like, you should save money to upgrade other things like the background.