Jigsaws with Carlos

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Play Jigsaws with Carlos

Jigsaws with Carlos is an intellectual challenge game, it requires you to rearrange the puzzle pieces into the frame to form a complete picture.
This game has face-catching graphics with the main character being the boy named Carlos. Carlos is a Latin American character so this boy has a playful and wild character. This boy regularly participates in various festivals, as evidenced by the photos that were taken when this boy participated in festivals. However, these pictures have been divided into nine small parts, to be able to admire these pictures you need to rearrange the positions of the pieces and form a complete picture.
How to arrange the puzzle: The puzzle pieces are scattered outside the picture frame, you use the mouse and click on the puzzle pieces they will return to the right direction, then you drag the puzzle pieces into the frame to complete the picture.

The benefit of playing this game

With eye-catching images and simple gameplay, this game is suitable for children over three years old. In addition, while arranging the pictures, children can also develop the ability to think logically by guessing the position of the puzzle pieces. Not only that, but the eye-catching images of the game will also stimulate the creativity of children. Thus, this game has both entertainment cards and can practice individual skills to children. These games offer many benefits, what are you waiting for without joining Kick The Buddy website and playing this amazing game?