Juicy Run

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About Juicy Run

Juicy Run puts you in a race of gear, you control this gear to go on a path filled with fruit, and you slash as much as possible when you reach the finish line.

This is a very simple game where you only need to control a cog wheel on the way to the finish line. This path is filled with fruit, you have to collect the fruits required by the game. Not only that, you also need to collect gold coins on the track, these gold coins will help you activate some support skills. This game also takes place in many levels, each level will have a different mission, you need to complete 5 levels to be able to play in a new track.

How to play

A gear is moving on a fruit road, this gear will move straight ahead. However, before starting the game, you will be able to choose the type of fruit you need to collect. This fruit is determined by random, when you set this spin, if it appears 3 different fruits, you will trigger the golden level. While moving, you just need to keep the wheel moving steadily and not fall into the abyss. The gears move safely to the finish line and you have completed the mission of this game.