Ludo Hero

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Some important features of Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero is a strategy game where you arrange your troops to reach the finish line before other opponents, play and be the master strategist in this game.

If you have played the game of Parcheesi then you will surely know how to play this game because these two games have quite similar gameplay. You will control your army on a chessboard with a maximum of 4 players. The chessboard is divided into 4 different territories: blue, green, red, and yellow, each territory will have a separate team. This game is divided into 2 modes: machine mode and online player mode. When playing against the machine you will be able to choose between 2-player mode and 4-player mode, when you play online too. But the more the merrier, so I suggest you play in 4-player mode to get the most fun.

The principle

Each player will manage a team of horsemen, and each player will have a dice to decide the number of turns of his army. At the beginning of the game, the horses will be in the cage, you need to roll the dice worth 6 to get rid of the cage. When you roll the dice of 6 you will continue to have one more turn, the other dice are rolled only once. When your horse moves to the correct position of another team's stallion you will kick that horse back to the stable and vice versa. When moving to the finish line, you must roll a dice equal to the number of steps you need to get to the finish line to reach the finish line. The player who gets all 4 horses to the finish line first becomes the winner of the Ludo Hero game.