Marble Lines

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About Marble Lines

Marble Lines takes you on a new mission where you have to shoot down all the marbles that are on their way to the tunnel. Are you ready for it?

Your mission in this game is to become a guard for a cellar. This vault is threatened by marbles of different colors, which are arranged in rows and are moving toward the tunnel. Your mission is to quickly destroy these marbles before they can reach the vault. You perform this mission using a cannon in the center of the screen. This mission is very easy, play and become a great sentinel who can destroy all the marbles.

Eliminate the marble

This cannon will be placed in the middle of the screen, the bullet that appears in the barrel is a bullet you can shoot immediately. In the gun there is a place to put the bullets that you will shoot next, you cannot confuse these two bullets. Next, you use the mouse and aim for the bullet, then left-click to shoot the bullet. When the bullet hits the ball line it will merge into the ball line and push the ball line forward. If the location it merges has two or more marbles with the bullet, they will be destroyed and slow the flow of the marbles. There are two possible outcomes: you lose if you let any marbles touch the pit and you win when you destroy all the marbles. Sometimes you still have to face two bearings at the same time, don't let these challenges stop you, destroy all the balls and protect the vault.