Merge The Gem

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Your challenges in this game

Merge The Gem will challenge you by giving tasks related to numbers, you have to merge stones of different values to form a number worth 30.

As I said above your task is to merge the stones to form the highest value of thirty. When you create this number, you have completed this task. It sounds simple but you will have a hard time completing this task because these numbers will increase by a value of one, which means that the newly created stone will be one unit larger than the old stone. These pellets are arranged on a table, so your space to move is limited. Moreover, these stones also have the ability to automatically generate an extra row after the clock above the board has finished running. If you let these stones reach the top of the board, you lose immediately.

Rearrange to merge the gems

You use the mouse to iron the position of the stones and merge them together. You define the stones that you want to arrange then you left-click on the stone you want to move then move to the position where you want to place it and continue left-clicking. The stone will be placed in that position and immediately merged with the stones of the same value. Sometimes in between these stones will appear links that make it easy to get stuck. You just need to merge a gem with one of those two stones and they will split automatically. The limit of this game is number thirty, you must make this valuable stone to complete the game. To sum up, you win when you create thirty worth of stones and lose when you let these stones hit the top of the board.