Pacman 30th Anniversary

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The characters

Pacman 30th Anniversary gives you the experience of escaping in a closed maze, you need to avoid the monsters and return to your nest safely.

Pacman character developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this character has a smiley face and yellow color. This character quickly became famous and brought a lot of profit to its development company. This game revolves around the escape of the character Pacman in the maze, he has to hide from 4 monsters. These 4 monsters are green, blue, red, and yellow, they will destroy Pacman when they touch him. You must stay out of the way of the monsters and not let yourself be destroyed before reaching the finish line.

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It is not the process of torturing Buddy like in the Kick The Buddy game, your Pacman needs to escape in the maze. The monsters will move randomly on the map, you control Pacman to run away from the monsters. Not just running away, your character can also counterattack by destroying monsters. To do this, you have to find pink spots on the screen, you control Pacman to the location of pink spots to freeze your enemies. In the frozen state, the monsters will move slower, you just need to touch and they can destroy them. After being defeated the monster will be returned to its nest and respawn only when another monster dies. In general, to complete the mission in this game, you need to collect all the pink spots in the maze and reach the finish line safely.