Papa's Taco Mia

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About Papa's Taco Mia


Papa's Taco Mia will not let you down with exciting quests, you have to manage a restaurant and your duty to make it grow by satisfying customers.

Before coming to this game, you can choose for yourself an appropriate character, this game has 2 characters for you to choose from. The first character is another serious girl named Maggies, a professional manager who always keeps a smile on her face. The main character is a sly boy named Mitch, who always makes his customers happy with his witty jokes. These characters only contribute a small part to the success of the restaurant, the most important thing is that you create great products. Don't let you wait any longer, now I will talk about your mission in this game, read it carefully and complete it excellently.

The plot of this game

Papa's Taco Mia restaurant is holding a Taco Cad eating contest the winner will win a nice prize, Maggies is very excited to participate in this contest and she finally won and the Her bonus is owning a taco restaurant. Even if you don't want the Maggies to still have to enter the days as a restaurant manager, please help Maggie complete this task.

Complete your mission

After choosing the character, you will come to the tasks that you will have to go through, this game divides these tasks into 3 stages. The first stage is Order, the guests will come to the cashier and make a choice of the type of Taco they like. After ordering, Maggie will continue to the second stage, which is the Grill, where you prepare the ingredients and bake the Tacos. After baking the Tacos, you will come to the final stage of Building. You rely on the menu that the customer chose at the beginning to create the flavor that the customer wants the most and then serve it to the customer.