Peter Griffin Torture

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Some descriptions of Peter Griffin Torture

Peter Griffin Torture helps you release your anger by torturing the Peter Griffin character, here, he will be tortured in many different ways.

Peter Griffin is a fictional character in the Family Guy movie, he is a typical office character when he often gets drunk and drinks with his friends. Perhaps because of frequent fights, it caused his IQ to drop to 70 in one IQ test. He is also known to have an impulsive personality and is easily influenced by others, so he often causes awkward situations for those around him. He also caused a lot of frustration for many moviegoers so this game was born to help you take your anger out on Peter Griffin. In this game, you will not have to hit him directly like Kick The Buddy, but you will use many different methods to torture him. This is a good chance for you to torture this annoying character, play the game and vent your anger.

You torture this character by using the mouse and choosing the method of torture Peter Griffin. The character has the ability to heal very quickly so you can torture him continuously.

4 ways of torturing

This game allows you to torture Peter Griffin in many ways, and you can use the giant chicken. When you activate the chicken, Peter will be tied in one place, and a chicken about the size of Peter will punch him repeatedly. This chicken will beat until his face becomes red and swollen, and it will stop after 2 intense attacks. This is probably the simplest and most effective attack when you see each attack hit Peter's face.

The next way is using Nickel Eater, where Peter will be stuffed with candy in his mouth, then he will be stuffed into a money printing machine. After activating this machine, the photo's face will be printed on the bills. The torture only ends when a bill is printed from the machine and has Peter's face, but you need to be careful when activating this torture method because it is quite violent. You also won't be able to see the process of Peter's torture machine clearly, I suggest you use torture ways number one and three.

Next is Fireworks, this torture way is not really a torture process but it is just Peter's stupid way of playing he will be given fireworks and matches, and he will explode the firecracker flowers and injure himself. This process will stop when he explodes two small fireworks and activates a large one. Perhaps because of his low IQ, he will not be aware of the danger of fireworks, and children are not allowed to catch him before him.

Finally, Shin Hit, this mode is the least violent mode, when you will activate a grim reaper to Peter's location, then the god of death will use the scythe and hit his leg. This torture process took place quite quickly and did not cause too much pain for Peter.