Pool Rush

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Some features of Pool Rush

Pool Rush is a game that combines golf and billiards, you need to apply force to the white ball so that it brings the ball of a different color into the hole.

You will participate in a game of billiards but its gameplay is quite similar to the game of golf. This game will divide the balls into many different tables, each table will have from 1 to 3 balls. You need to hit the ball that is white then it will roll to the specified position and put the ball you want into the hole. Each time you play you will have a certain turn, you will hit the ball until you hit all the turns. The more balls you put into the hole, the higher your final score will be, and especially each time you hit the ball into the hole you will be added one point. Pool Rush is on Kick The Buddy website and playing this amazing game.

The rules are different from other billiard games

This game has very simple rules, you can only act on the white ball. You drag the mouse and it will appear a specified line, which determines the direction of the shadow. You apply just enough force and release the mouse to hit the white ball, then it rolls in the specified direction. If you align with enough force and in the right direction, then the colored ball will fall into the hole and you get an extra turn. A special thing is that you can put all the colored balls into the hole and there are no designated balls. As I said above, this game is divided into many different tables, if you hit the ball to another table, you will be changed tables and the previous tables will be closed. This game will never end until you finish your turn.