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About Skribbl.io

Skribbl.io will give you the opportunity to become a talented artist, you need to draw and guess the specified words, don't miss these interesting tasks.

This game gives you a great painting experience, you will have to draw or guess the word as required by the game. Here, you can play and meet many other players in online mode, players from all over the world can play in this mode. You can also create a private room and create interesting moments with your friends. Really this game has a very simple way to play, it will definitely make you comfortable after stressful working days. You use the mouse to draw and text by the keys on the keys board to guess the required question.

Some interesting modes

When you play in random mode, you should play in a draw-and-guess mode, which allows everyone to draw and guess the same puzzle. This means that the player will receive a special word from the game, and this player will have to draw an illustration so that the other players can guess it. For each correct answer, the guesser will get 5 points and the draw will get more points.

If you play with friends I suggest you play in story mode or take turns. Here, you guys decide the rules, you can draw or ask for anything you want, and you can also write an interesting story. This is the right game to bond between friends, join this game to forge friendships or make yourself new friends.